Nanji Hangang Park

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Nanji Hangang Park, a place of rest and leisure, is a park constructed for camping and barbecue, in 2002, before World Cup. Located between Seongsan Bridge, Gayang Bridge, and surrounded with three bridges that connect the park with Noeul Park, Haneul Park and Park of Peace, Nanji Hangang Park has both accessibility and convenience. Moreover, due to artificial island, connected to Eco Marsh via pedestrian passage, Wild Life Expedition Center and Culture Center, everyone who visits the park can enjoy the nature, as an Eco Experience Center.  


Address: 162, Hangangnanji-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea                            (Sangamdong 487-116, Sangamdong 482-366)


Information: 02-3780-0611~2 (Hangang Park, Nanji Information Center)





◎ Shuttle Bus Information

- Boarding Location: Digital Media City Station (Line Airport Railroad, Gyeongui Jungang, 6 Line)

- Bus Service Route: Digital Media City Station ↔ Nanji Hangang Park Entrance 

                                 (After the concert, Nanji Hangang Park Entrance ↔ Digital Media City Station)

- Running Time: 09:00 ~ Bus runs flexibly, until all the remaining audience are transported to the station

- Running Interval: Frequent Service (Runs flexibly depending on the number of people on the bus / Runs 35 buses, 45                                   seats per each bus)

◎ Taking Subway

- Line 6 Mapogu-Office Station Exit 7 (Walk about 1,300m along Hongjecheon Stream in Hangang direction / Takes       about 20 minutes)

- Line 6 World Cup Stadium Station Exit 1 ( Walk about 2,000m in World Cup Lamp Bridge which is between Haneul Park and Park of Peace / Takes about 30 minutes)


◎ Taking Bus

- 9707(Seoul Red Bus): Get off at Nanji Hangang Park station

※ Kyeonggi Red Bus, and Kyeonggi Express Bus do not stop at Nanji Hangang Park station.


◎ Driving a Car

- Navigation Address: 162, Hangangnanji-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Sangamdong 487-116)

After taking P turn in Gangbyeonbuk-ro / Seongsan Bridge direction at World Cup Stadium Intersection, enter the ramp

- When coming from Ilsan Direction: Drive in Gimpo Airport direction and pass Gayang Bridge.

(Do not cross the bridge, just pass the bridge.)

From intersection of Gayang Bridge and Gangbyeonbuk-ro, drive straight for 2.2 km in Seongsan Bridge direction and enter the ramp.

◎ Parking Lot (three parking zones, about 544 parking sections)

- Nanji 1 Parking Lot (Under World Cup Lamp) : Mapo-gu Sangam-dong 495-81 (maximum 241 parking sections)

- Nanji 2 Parking Lot (Lawn) : Mapo-gu Sangam-dong 495-81 (maximum 110 parking sections)

- Nanji 3 Parking Lot (Next to Ball Park) : Mapo-gu Sangam-dong 495-81 (maximum 193 parking sections)

◎ Parking Lot Time (Free on holidays)

- April ~ October 09:00~23:00

- November ~ March 09:00~23:00


◎ Regular Parking Fee

- A minimum charge per one parking (per one parking section): KRW 1000 per minimum 30 minutes. (When exceeding this 30 minutes, you have to pay KRW 200 per every 10 minute.)

- Parking

- The Maximum Amount of Parking per day: KRW 10,000

- A Monthly Pass: KRW 50,000


※ Parking lot is run by private firm. At the day of the festival, other citizens who use camping site, baseball field, yacht dock, and park will also use the same parking lot. At weekends, there will be a dire congestion in roads and parking lots in the park as well as Gangbyeon Expressway. Therefore, we highly recommend you to take public transportation and free shuttle bus instead of car.



◎ Eco-Camping Site

Located between Nanji Baseball Park and Ecological Island, the park holds maximum number of 194 tents and 970 campers. At Eco-Camping Site, you can enjoy the scenic vista of Han River, have a barbecue party. Moreover, at Eco Marsh Park, you can watch animals and plants of waterside and grassland. At the riverside, you can ride bicycle and do a fishing.


◎ Baseball Park for Grown-Ups

You can play baseball at this baseball park for grown-ups, a turf grass park constructed at June 2009.


◎ Bicycle Park

MTB Course Zone and Extreme Zone are installed. You can also take advantage of bicycle lesson for children, when accompanying your family to the park.


◎ Free Stroller and Wheelchair Rent

Stroller and Wheelchair are freely available at Nanji Hangang Park Information Center, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.




- Please throw away empty bottles and cans that are extremely fragile in the designated waste bin.

- Before and after the festival, let’s make the park clean. Nanji Hangang Park is our precious asset.