<그린플러그드 서울> 공식 옴니버스 앨범_숨[SUM∞] 여섯 번째


01. 마리슈 - 초록공원

02. 에디전(of 뷰티핸섬) – 봄 너를 기다렸어

03. 입술을깨물다 – 숲의 춤

04. 에이프릴 세컨드(April 2nd) – 분홍돌고래

05. 슈가도넛 – Save earth for us

06. 징고 – Stay beautiful

07. 솔튼페이퍼 - Sky

08. 이아립 – 움트네, 봄


10. 제8극장 – 광명동 시절

<GPS 2016> Warm Sumgyeol (In English: breath) melted into artists’ green message. Where is your place to Sum (In English: breathe)?

Since 2011, with participating artist teams, GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL has released official omnibus album [SUM∞], the theme of which is environment. This year, we are trying to be a part of the global discourse of hindering the rise of average global temperature up to 1.5℃ through our campaign, <GP 1.5℃>. In our sixth official omnibus album [SUM∞], we tried to wholeheartedly express our ethical idea toward environment preservation and talk about the awe? Wonder? Of Nature who unconditionally and fully support human beings, despite of our misdeeds and the following consequences. Giving thanks to 10 participating teams, who delivered their message of environment preservation through their beautiful tunes. We hope that all of you, who love GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL and [SUM∞], can protect our precious environment, with “ethical idea and humble action for better tomorrow” always in your mind.

Our Gift to You – Album of Awe and Preciousness toward the Environment

In album ‘[SIXTH [SUM∞]’ where 10 teams participated, we tried to express messages of environmental preservation through music of musicians from various genres. SALTNPAPER, known for his brilliant talent, produced song about sky, with his placid voice and emotional sounds. April 2nd, who are vigorously continuing their activities and recently released OST of <One More Happy Ending>, used ‘pink dolphin’ to console all the species in the world whose fate are deeply threatened by humans’ poaching and ruthless, violent environmental development.

Earip, who released her new album three years after her previous album, expressed awe toward overflowing forces of life that sprouts seeds in the cold, icy soil, in her song ‘Sprouting Spring.’ Sugardonut, expressed alerting messages about lurking environmental crisis in their direct lyrics and merry melodies. ‘Gwangmyeongdong Days’ by Theatre 8, ‘Green Park’ by Marychou, ‘Spring, I waited for you’ by EDDIE CHUN (of BeautyHandsome), ‘Dance of Forest’ by LIPS-BITE, ‘Stay Beautiful’ by Zingo, ‘WE ARE OF THE SAME KIND’ by Big Phony are also included.

<그린플러그드 서울> 공식 옴니버스 앨범_숨[SUM∞] 다섯 번째


01. 에브리싱글데이 - 봄날 햇살

02. 몽니 - 봄비

03. 입술을깨물다 - 달래

04. 심현보 - 나른 봄 나른

05. 류석원 - 숨

06. 참깨와 솜사탕 - Beautiful Day

07. 우쿨렐레 피크닉 - 같이 살아요

08. 세렝게티 - 꽃

09. 허첵 - 아가미

10. Fourcut - 아름다워져

<GPS 2015> 10 Beautiful Sumgyeol (In English: Breath) of Musicians

‘FIFTH [SUM∞]’ sings ‘nature’s unconditional, motherly love’ for every, living creature on Earth and wonder of ‘spring,’ when once withered and frozen things come to life again. All the tracks in the album are consisted of newly released songs, not contained in any other albums, instilling fresh and special sentiment in your heart. Feel this breath (Sumgyeol), which is so warm and beautiful because of artists’ creativity, interpreting same topic under individual, unique lens of each artist.

Blessing that comes to you every year, with romantic exhilaration of spring days and nature

This year, in ‘[SUM∞] FIFTH,’ 10 musicians showed their unique, individual characteristics under the same theme. Monni sings memories of past love that soft, spring rain conjures, in their unique vocal and mellow tunes. Shim Hyunbo, who first performed in GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL, sings romantic sentiment of ‘spring,’ in his song ‘Drowsy Spring Drowsy.’ In their song ‘Spring Sunshine,’ ‘Every Single Day’ interprets sentiment of spring in their own music style, in their fresh melodies and fast beats. ‘Dallae’ of LIPS-BITE sings lingering memories of spring, which were once vivid and colorful, but now lost its color and degenerated into grayish, dark memories, due to indifference of people. ‘Breath’ by Ryu Seokwon, ‘Beautiful Day’ by Chamsom, ‘Let’s Live Together’ by Ukulele Picnic, ‘Flower’ by Serengeti, ‘Gill’ by HerCheck and ‘You Are Getting Beautiful’ by Fourcut are also included.

<그린플러그드 서울> 공식 옴니버스 앨범_숨[SUM∞] 네 번째


01. 데일리노트 - 그대와 춤을

02. 타루 - 비버

03. 고고보이스 - 환절기

04. 입술을깨물다 - 너=봄

05. 써드스톤 - 그날이 오면

06. 클럽505 - 좋은 하루

07. 페인터스 - Sunshine

08. 소울라이츠 - 고백장애

09. MY Q - 바람의 향기

10. 주윤하 - 처음, 바다

Where is your place to Sum (In English: Breathe)?

Music picnic of warm spring day, official omnibus album ‘[SUM∞],’ which had always been together with GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL, the happiest music festival, has released its fourth album. The name ‘SUM’ means instilling precious values in people’s mind, as if breathing new life into beings. As the name of our festival goes, album is produced in eco-friendly way, using recycled paper and printing in soybean oil.


Album instilled with romantic sentiment of spring days and nature

In ‘[SUM∞] FOURTH,’ 10 artists included songs that can show diverse characteristics of each team. Taru’s song, ‘Beaver,’ expresses nature destroyed by human selfishness. Third Stone sings pity and alertness occurred by the recent oil spill accident, in their hard rock melodies. LIPS-BITE sings ‘You=Spring’ that welcomes awaited spring that comes after long, procrastinating winter. ‘Confession Disability’ by Soulights, ‘Good Day’ by CLUB 505, ‘Change of Seasons’ by GOGOBOYS, ‘Sunshine’ by Painters, ‘Scent of Wind’ by MY Q, ‘First, Ocean’ by Ju Yoonha are also included.


Album release concert: Sing in <Same Breath>

In its fifth anniversary, with YES24, GREENPLUGGED SEOUL opened album release concert, <Same Breath>. The concert, held in April 11, at YES24 Move Hall, has five artist teams - GOGOBOYS, Ju Yoonha, Dailynote, LIPS-BITE, and CLUB 505. Diverse programs were held; Other than stages that show songs included in album, there were releases of video clips of participating artists’ interview and introduction of GREEN PLUGGED’s ’40 PROJECT.’ This concert has special meaning, in that total profit of this concert was donated as an anti-desertification fund support, which is part of ’40 PROJECT’

<그린플러그드 서울> 공식 옴니버스 앨범_숨[SUM∞] 세 번째


01. 입술을깨물다 - 같은 호흡(Same Hope)

02. Bye Bye Badman - 샌프란시스코 썬

03. 슈가볼 - 치르치르

04. 9와 숫자들 - 바람을 가둔 미로

05. 이스턴 사이드킥 - 서울

06. 옐로우 몬스터즈 - Golden Week

07. WHOwho - Down Below

08. RUBYSTAR - Travelers

09. 로큰롤라디오 - 그녀는 온난화

10. mintgray - Heart Contact

Where is your place to Sum (In English: Breathe)?

Four years have passed since GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL had taken its place as a representative festival of spring. Since 2011, GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL, an environmental campaign music festival held at Nanji Hangang Park every May, has released omnibus album [SUM∞], which expresses the romantic sentiment of ‘spring’ and preciousness of ‘nature.’ The title of this omnibus album is ‘[SUM∞] THIRD,’ meaning that this year is third time that the album has been released. The album is very special in that it contains new songs, which have not been released previously.

Singing tender, aching feeling toward nature and fluttering sentiment of spring

This omnibus album of GREEN PLUGGED artists, a gift offered every year, makes you feel the vibrant, exciting moment of the festival. Three pre-release songs are very bright and delightful, three of which are ‘Same Hope’ by LIPS-BITE, a song about sweet breath between lover and I, ‘Golden Week’ by Yellow Monsters, a song about fluttering sentiment when moving in from cold, harsh winter to spring. ‘Down Below’ by WHOwho, a song to listen in the evening of nice, breezy spring. Other than these, seven songs of seven artists, who receive great spotlight, (Sugarbowl, 9 and The Numbers, Eastern Sidekick, Bye Bye Badman, RUBYSTAR, Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio, and Mintgray) are also included. This album, consisted of 10 songs, is officially released May 6, before the festival.

<그린플러그드 서울> 공식 옴니버스 앨범_숨[SUM∞] 두 번째


01. Common Ground (커먼그라운드) - Sound of Nature

02. 고고보이스 (GOGOBOYS) - 봄이다

03. 피터팬컴플렉스 (Peterpan Complex) - Because Love...(feat.이상미)

04. Black Bag (블랙백) - Breathe In

05. NATY (나티) - 돌려줘

06. 입술을께물다 - 비가 내려 고마워

07. FEllAS (펠라스) - 단 하루도

08. 라온제나 - Cosmos Dog

09. AshGray (애쉬그레이) - 기분 좋은 날

10. Song Of Luna (송 오브 루나) - 지구송

11. 구남과여라이딩스텔라 - 도시생활(Bicycle Version)

Where is your place to Sum (In English: Breathe)?

Here come all the best artists of Korea! It is the third year of GREENPLUGGED, the biggest environment & music festival. The festival, with its environmental motto, has grew in rapid speed. The number of audience increased greatly and eventually, GREEN PLUGGED successfully acquired and secured its position as the best environmental music festival of Korea. GREEN PLUGGED enables people to enjoy the happiest moment and conjures memories of liberating, fresh river breeze, warm sunlight, good music and good people whom you are with at that very best moment. After the first release receiving great compliments and attention, the second edition of omnibus album series [SUM∞] will be released, under the support of Korea Environment Corporation (KECO), as a part of the festival. With KECO, we would like to share our ethical idea and go hand in hand with you.


Song of Small Sums (In English: Breaths)

This one, single album does not bring noticeable, remarkable change in environment, but it creates great ripple effect. Just as a drop of rain falls, gathers and creates a fountain, stream and river, and small grass grows little by little and forms a green forest, this album can be a starting point. We hope that this album enables you, your friends and family to be more attuned to the voice of nature, open your minds to the heart of nature. We truly hope that this Sumgyeol (In English: Breath) can be passed down, in its the next year, the year after, and so on, from artist to artist. The album consists of 11 songs. ‘Sound of Nature,’ a funky, groovy and enticing song by Common Ground, the best brassband of Korea, is included. ‘You Are Spring’ by GOGOBOYS, a song that expresses ‘spring’ and ‘environment festival,’ two pursuits of GREEN PLUGGED, is also included.

<그린플러그드 서울> 공식 옴니버스 앨범_숨[SUM∞] 첫 번째


01. 도트 – 별빛의 노래

02. 슈퍼키드 – 북극곰

03. 이바디 – 두근두근

04. 자우림 – blue marble

05. 글렌체크 - Metro(acoustic)

06. 갤럭시익스프레스 – 나의 지구를 지켜줘

07. 이장혁 – 나무

08. 몽니- 초록물고기

09. 강토, 이한철 – 흐르는 강물처럼

10. 징고 – 인셉션

11. 안녕바다 – 비타민 소녀

12. 더핀 – 물방울 속에 갇힌 바다

Where is your place to Sum (In English: Breathe)?

[SUM∞] is a great album that twelve teams of GREEN FRIENDS (artists who participate GPS 2011, environmental campaign music festival) expressed their affection for mother nature in their own ways. [SUM∞] is our blessing toward Nature’s unconditional, limitless and devoted love for all the living things on Earth, and is consisted of newly released songs, and produced based on the theme of ‘environment.’


Twelve Dreamy, Wonderful Sums (In English: Breath) of GREEN FRIENDS and GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL

As GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL Organization Committee and participating artists willingly agreed upon donating certain portion of total profit to environmental campaign made the event more meaningful than ever. You can meet stories of spring told by twelve artists including Jaurim, Monni and Annyeongbada.