GREENPLUGGED SEOUL, music trip of warm spring day, the happiest music festival

GREENPLUGGED SEOUL, which had held every May at Seoul Nanji Hangang Park since 2010, will open its eighth spring to you.

Representative festival of spring, Environmental campaign music festival

GREENPLUGGED SEOUL, under the motto ‘ethical idea and humble action for better tomorrow,’ started from concerns about how to embody a happy life in which everyone can mingle into one another in a beautiful environment. For this, GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL wholeheartedly shares diverse, ethical ideas of individuals through music, and endeavors to share the warm and invigorating sentiment of spring with everyone. In addition to ’40 PROJECT,’ a desertification preservation campaign, we print all the fliers and brochures related to the festival in environmentally friendly recycled paper and in soybean oil. GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL, which have sustained since 2010 through ethical idea and humble action, has now taken its outstanding position as an environmental campaign music festival, a number one festival of spring, which so many people look forward to and visit.

A good festival that contributes to the extension of music fans based on diverse and balanced line ups

Number one foreign musicians do not mean “everything” in the festival. Endeavor and fervor of domestic artists, who will always shine in any stages of the world and the great stage with the audience are enough to make a happy festival. Through seven stages, (MOON, SKY, SUN EARTH, WIND, BUSKING, PICNIC stage), we organize rich, balanced lineup consisted of top musicians of various genres, from rock music to hiphop, R&B, electronic and pop music. Anybody can fully enjoy the balanced lineup of GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL. Audiences who go to spring picnic with their beloved friends as well as hard core music manias can all enjoy. This shows that we are respecting and paying our attention toward music preference of everyone, from manias of GREENPLUGGED SEOUL who have visited our festival every year to people who visit music festival for the first time in their lives.

Festival that continuously focuses on rookie discovery program

For their own profits, most of the mainstream music festivals competitively cast only the popular musicians. However, we GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL always try to keep the true meaning of music festival. In particular, in 2015, we further advanced GREENFRIENDS contest, which have ensued since 2010, the first year of GREENPLUGGED SEOUL, through collaboration project of GREENPLUGGED SEOUL and NAVER MUSIC of NAVER, the biggest portal site of Korea. Jannabi, LONG:D, and Jacoby Planet, musicians who went through all the fierce competition and finally won, showed their great talent on the official main stage, thrusting and thrilling the entire audience with their great music. Afterwards, until now, they are continuing their activities. Every year, our audition program provides the opportunity of continuous and systematic connection between music fans and new musicians and shows the new model of indie music support, which elicits great compliments from fans and critics of music industry.

Environmental festival that shares humble action for better tomorrow

GREENPLUGGED SEOUL has continuously proceeded ’40 PROJECT,’ a desertification prevention program. Through ’40 PROJECT,’ we are arousing people’s attention to the crisis in which the entire earth is suffering from threats of desertification and informing that even small actions in our everyday lives are sufficient to prevent desertification. Also, we are conducting ‘SAVE TREES campaign,’ a campaign using recycled paper and printing in soybean oil to print fliers related to the festival. The campaign prevents logging of thirty-years-old trees, which would have been cut down were it not for this campaign, enabling the sustainment of the trees and the purification of carbon dioxide. As can be seen, GREENPLUGGED SEOUL tries to share the meaning of environment that we all live in, by conducting various environmental campaigns and informing specific and practical methods to the people.

The happiest music festival everyone can enjoy

Our motto, ‘Music Trip of Beautiful Day in Spring, The Happiest Music Festival,’ well represents the atmosphere of GREENPLUGGED SEOUL. GREENPLUGGED SEOUL, held at green grassland of Nanji Hangang Park, is a friendly music festival, which everyone can comfortably and easily enjoy, even if they are not hardcore music manias. Other than five main stages, there are diverse entertainments – Busking Stage, where citizens visiting Nanji Hangang Park can also enjoy the music for free and Picnic Stage, where you can lie under tree shades, feel the cool breeze and enjoy the sentiment of spring days. Unlike other festivals, which have stringent regulated items list, GREENPLUGGED SEOUL welcomes many, different foods (including pack lunch) in the festival. Deviate from dark, bleak buildings of metropolis. Dance to the music. Enjoy the fresh sentiment of spring. Enjoy green grass yard of Nanji Hangang Park and smoothly flowing Han River reflecting azure of sky.